Every Offer From Every Newspaper! 1st September 2017

tru diamonds image chartGet the look of real diamonds with a lifetime quality guarantee, lifetime replacement guarantee and 90 day money back guarantee for a fraction of the real diamond price. This great offer featured in The Sun newspaper gives you everything the very finest diamond jewellery offers without the massive price tag, find out more and see the very latest deals and online specials by clicking on the offer bar below or visit to find out more.


There’s no need to spend thousands of pounds on luxury jewellery to get the perfect look any more, no one will ever know your sparkly necklace, earrings or glamorous looking ring cost you a fraction of the price they think… unless you tell them. Every piece of jewellery purchased from “Try-Diamonds” comes with a certificate of authenticity confirming the purr colour, flawlessness and level of toughness. Every gem available is perfectly cut and measures up to the finest of fine grading, Tru-Diamonds gems even cut glass like the real thing, there’s no reason to pay silly prices any more, look and feel like a celebrity at a price that meets everyones budget.


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