Every Offer From Every Newspaper! 1st September 2017

This new offer is available for 30 days only so order quickly while stocks last. The Torreon Squat Steel Chimenea is the perfect centrepiece for your outdoor space and great for keeping warm when the sun starts to go down. The offer as featured in The Daily mail this week is compact, efficient, convenient and an invaluable garden accessory. Made from a tough durable steel, coated in pewter-style with high-temperature resistant paint, you can be sure this wonderful garden fireplace will last for years to come and perfect for outdoor entertaining. Find out more about this great offer which comes with £25 discount right now by simply clicking the offer bar below or visit online today.


As an added little bonus you’ll receive a free poker and a convenient rain lid.

Dimensions: Height: 72cm (28.3”). Depth: 36.5cm (14.4”)


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