Every Offer From Every Newspaper! 1st September 2017

The fabulous Gtech eBike is like no other push bike, it looks pretty much like any other commuter bike but the stealthy design is hiding a 36v Lithium-ion battery which is hidden away in the detachable sporty water bottle, this takes just three hours to get a full charge which will give you 30 blissful miles. Find out more about this cycling innovation by clicking the offer bar below or visit online today.


gtech ebike

Founded by inventor and entrepreneur, Nick Grey, the Ebike is like no other. There are  no gears with Gtechs brilliant invention, just a tiny motor fitted neatly into the rear hub which assists the cyclist to peddle via a carbon drive belt to a speed of 15 mph. This is the perfect solution to enjoyable cycling and  putting honest exercise back into peoples lives. Find out more about the great freebies available along with a vast range of extras on offer.



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